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  • Hereford, TX : 806-364-3900
  • Garden City, KS: 620-276-3282

Complete dairy installation, service and sanitation.

Miguel Dairy Service


Miguel Dairy service began by maintaining and sanitizing the equipment we installed. We’ve installed complete systems in more than 30 dairies across the tri-state area, and we continue to service those dairies. Our expertise and dedication to your business can’t be beat!

CBJ Dairy, Tx - 80 Cow Rotary

McCarty Family Farms, Ks - D/35 parlor, D/25 Parlor, 60 Cow Rotary

Aurora - Coldwater, Tx - Twin D/36 Parlors

Faria Dairy, Tx - Houle Separators

Lakin Dairy, Ks

FMNF, Ks - Twin 72 Cow Rotaries

Stonepost, Ks - D/35 Parlor

Mitchell Dairy, NM - D/40 Parlor

A Tex Dairy, Tx - 72 Cow Rotary

Cnossen Dairy, Tx - D/60 Parlor

“Offering the Best Customer Service Across the High Plains."